Thursday, June 13, 2013

Truth column June 13-19

My Truth column June 13-19:

What would Green Party co-leader Russel Norman remember about Robert Muldoon?
Not only was he living in another country, but born in 1967, he’d have been all of eight when ‘Piggy’ came into office. So characterising Prime Minister John Key as the born-again Muldoon at last week’s party conference was quite weird. I wonder who writes Norman’s speeches. But more to the point, who is the writer trying to appeal to? The Green’s target audience won’t remember Muldoon either. What was “Hey, Clint – are we pleased?” thinking of? It’s a pretty funny strategy though. Because, if any party channels echoes of the Muldoon era, it’s the Greens.


(Sorry, the columns are a bit dated by the time they appear here.)

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Anonymous said...

I really should stop watching television news, then I wouldn't be annoyed so frequently.
There was also Metiria Turei saying that whenever you see John Key on TV and smiling, he is telling you lies.
No challenge. The green garbage gets such an easy ride. It's appalling letting 12 year olds disguise themselves as journalists (without elder editors who might have a semblance of logic)soil our screens