Sunday, June 30, 2013

(Emotionally driven) Shearer goes up a notch...

Just saw a news brief during the ad break (watching X Factor) showing David Shearer hugging the Ikaroa Rawhiti winning candidate.

It was such a genuine, communicating, heartfelt hug. Can't ever remember anything like it from Helen, who even in victory seemed to have her emotions self-censored.

Shearer went up in my estimation. (It was like seeing the Queen unselfconsciously BEAM when she's watching her horses. Delightful.)

Cynics will say, no wonder - he's so grateful.

But there it was, fleetingly, a glimpse of who Shearer is. And perhaps it explains why he has been so undermined as leader.


Mark Hubbard said...

Yes, ahem, no Royalist, but the Queen's excitement was great.

Anonymous said...

He's too nice for the Labour party, the rest of them are just so hard-edged and unapproachable. Shearer is too genuine for Labour.

Anonymous said...

He is too genuine for Labour, but also he is just not leadership material. Never has been. Never will be. He is also too nice for politics. If my (past) experience in politics is anything to go by the majority of those involved, both front and back office are dysfunctional human beings and very un mainstream type of people.