Saturday, June 15, 2013

CPAG urges you to vote for "poverty"

Next Wednesday, 8.30pm on TV3, The Vote will debate the following topic:

Our kids - The problem’s not poverty, it’s parenting. Do you agree?


Over at The Standard (not a "sewer blog") they have drawn attention to what the Child Poverty Action Group is saying about the programme:

 "....I would urge you to watch the show and vote if you can – it would be good to get some strong voter numbers in support of the “poverty” side because blaming the situation on parents alone simply lets the government off the hook."

So, whoever 'our kids' are, and whatever 'the problem' is, they say it's the government's fault.

I suppose I could agree, in that the government has done too much, over too many decades, to turn parents into immature, unimaginative, emotionally ill-equipped individuals hooked on hand-outs, but I don't think that's what CPAG are implying.


thor42 said...

What a pack of sickening, immature, whining leftists CPAG is. No matter HOW feral and feckless some parents are (and there are more than a few), CPAG whines that "it's all the GUMMINT's fault".

**WHY** is it, Lindsay, that CPAG just cannot see (or refuse to see) that throwing money at feral parents will do no good at all?
A reasonably intelligent *12-year-old* could tell you the same thing.


Anonymous said...

Why? because if that was widely accepted then CPAG and the rest of the leftist bureaucracy would themselves have nothing to eat.

can't happen soon enough