Friday, May 10, 2013

Ryall has a point

Being badgered about child poverty measures by Jacinda Ardern yesterday in parliament, Tony Ryall, answering for Paula Bennett, made this statement:

"We put a lot of time and effort into dealing with poverty and we consider it far more of a priority than the members opposite, who have given their spokesman the opportunity to ask questions in this House on only three occasions this year."

Now that rather surprised me so I thought I'd check the veracity of the claim. It's right and it's wrong. Prior to yesterday she had asked all of  4 questions this year -  3 relating directly to poverty and another indirectly.

10. Child Poverty—Minister’s Statements

JACINDA ARDERN (Labour) to the Minister for Social Development
11 Apr 13

5. Welfare Reforms—Progress and Beneficiary Numbers

JACINDA ARDERN (Labour) to the Minister for Social Development
28 Feb 13

8. Child Poverty—Government Actions to Address and Measuring Numbers Affected

JACINDA ARDERN (Labour) to the Deputy Prime Minister 13 Feb 13

7. Child Poverty—Prime Minister’s Statements

JACINDA ARDERN (Labour) to the Prime Minister
30 Jan 13

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