Monday, May 06, 2013

Monday Morning Questions

Why can  the US report jobs data for April while in NZ we are still waiting for jobs data from March?

Isn't bullying just as bad when the mob turns on the bully?

Is the rapid rise in the use of long-acting contraceptives partly to blame for the drop in births from 64,315 in 2010 to 61,568 in 2012?

And on that issue, what's worse? An STD or an unwanted pregnancy?

How come an advocacy outfit like the Child Poverty Action Group retains charity status while an advocacy outfit like Family First loses theirs?

Is being made to pick up dog faeces abuse? I have to do it every day.

Aren't pukekos native birds? So where's Gareth Morgan now?


Paranormal said...

Pukeko are Aussie invaders that arrived before pakeha.

Info Terbaru 2013 said...

Wow.. fery good.