Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Greens tell PM to heed the children

 According to co-leader Metiria Turei and the Greens:

"The Prime Minister should look to children for advice on running the country, with an international survey showing the first thing kiwi kids would do if they had his job would be to provide the food, housing and necessities everyone needs, the Green Party said today....This should be a reality check for MPs and the Government in particular..."
The same survey shows other priorities:

“Kiwi kids continue to aspire most strongly to be professional athletes...New Zealand children are most afraid of spiders, but also sharks and snakes."
 The  aspirations and fears of children are not particularly rational. But then neither are the Greens'.


Anonymous said...

And would the children be considering a surplus or deficit budget for this year?

thor42 said...

"...the first thing kiwi kids would do if they had his job would be to provide the food, housing and necessities everyone needs..."

Yeah, right, and I'm also sure that Kiwi kids (and the Greens) believe that money grows on trees.

unsolicitedious said...

Good grief; and I see the brain washing is starting young.

I saw a child on Breakfast TV this morning saying how child poverty is something she wanted to tackle...it was of course implied that child poverty was just some awful misfortune that no one had any control over.

One thing our daughter is learning from a young age is that her father works very hard to earn the money that pays for the things she enjoys and the fact that she gets 'treats' is a privilege not a right.

At the young age of 7 she is already beginning to understand the value of the dollar, that if she wants something she has to sacrifice a want for now to save for an even better want later.

Understanding the difference between wants and needs automatically ensures you can make ends meet on any budget as you know how to cut your cloth to suit.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Metiria: “The Green Party’s Take the Step Campaign has recruited hundreds of champions who have agreed to take steps to help end child poverty."

They recruited some of those "champions" at primary schools in Miramar and South Auckland where they launched the campaign.

The "champions" have been led and left to believe that the government is responsible for the social and economic state of families.

Politically the Greens get away with murder (metaphorically).

libertyscott said...

The first response to kids should be... ok, what we're going to do is take all your toys but the one you want the most, and give them to kids who need them, and you'll only be allowed to keep two sets of clothes.

Hire one of the kids willing to take it, and tell the kids that if they stop him they'll get taken away.

Show them Green socialism at work