Friday, May 25, 2012

Treasury's lack of faith in welfare reforms

Actual and forecast welfare spending:

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thor42 said...

Interesting (and pretty scary) graphs.

Silly old John Key, of course, is sticking with his bloodyminded refusal to raise the age of eligibility for super. In spite of my voting for the Nats last time, if Labour win the next election it will serve Key right for his foolishness with this policy.

There are *still* easy savings to be made -

* Raising the super eligibility age.

* Axing WFF and the DPB. Treat DPBers the same as the unemployed, no matter how many children they have. Make *them* shoulder the cost of having children - not the taxpayer.

I'm now convinced that the so-called "welfare reforms" are not worthy of the name. They are mere window-dressing compared to what else could (and should) be done.
Shame on Key and the Nats for wimping out.