Wednesday, April 18, 2012

John Minto deliberately malicious

John Minto, speaking on behalf of the Mana Party, has described the removal of people from state houses in Glen Innes as "ethnic cleansing". Obviously designed to shock and offend, perhaps I should ignore the headline. It wouldn't matter who was in the state houses, the value of the land is too high to have locked up serving a small number.

The far left pretend to loathe racism but are happy to invoke its overtones when it suits.


Allan said...

Minto is a clown, always has been, always will be. I do not know why the MSM give him publicity, he has never done one positive thing in his life. He is a pimple on the butt of the country and should be treated with utmost disdain and his vitreolic comments consigned to the rubbish where they belong.

FF said...

Have you noticed how the so-called ‘progressive’ liberals wage the gruelling struggle against ‘white privilege’ while ensconced in safe white middle-class suburbs themselves?
This guy certainly does.

Good decile schools and just the right selection of ethnic takeaways to sample the diversity they crave for the rest of us.

There’s a status signalling game going on here between these Marxists. They use poor brown people to feel morally superior to other whites- it’s the old class conflict writ large.

For liberals it is very important to have both the good things in life and to signal one’s superior moral credentials, to other liberals of course!

And it’s always a safe ploy to deflect attention that they themselves live the white middle class life which they seek to deny to other aspiring NZers .

It’s important we grasp the underlying evolutionary urges behind liberalism, if we are to understand this particular mind-virus.

Anonymous said...

John minto should go join tama iti.
Why does the press give these idiots credibility