Friday, February 03, 2012

Maori economic situation worsens

The Briefing to the Incoming Minister of Maori Affairs  contains this statement:

Recent research shows that Māori households spend approximately $5 billion more than they earn annually, and transfer payments to Māori now exceed the tax contribution that Māori make to the economy.

I am unsure whether this indicates overspending regardless of source of income, or that by using the word "earn" paid employment is indicated and  the difference is down to benefits.

Back in 2003 a paper (pg12, table 3) by the Institute of Economic Research showed that Maori were paying slightly more in tax than they received in transfers. Specifically they paid $2.404 in tax and received $2.312 in social benefits. So the situation has worsened. Unfortunately the new "recent" research isn't referenced.

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thor42 said...

Well then - so much for the "wonderful" Te Puni Kokiri. They have been around forever, and yet what difference have they made? None whatsoever, it sould seem.

TPK should be scrapped.