Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Willie Jackson at ACT conference

Listening to Radio Live yesterday I heard John Tamihere make mention that Willie Jackson is speaking at the ACT conference this weekend. First I had heard of it."You would speak to a hole in the wall if you were paid to, " Tamihere observed.

What would Willie Jackson have to say to an ACT audience?

Willie Jackson, Broadcaster: Why Maori should be given
special treatment in New Zealand today

First he will have to define what special treatment is, which will at least include having reserved seats on the Auckland council. Hide is completely opposed to that and I can't imagine any ACT member supporting them. Remember ACT is going to heavily campaign on 'One Law For All' this year.

No doubt it will include the recognition of Maori customary title. ACT is ambivalent on that but against the Seabed and Foreshore Bill. So that'll be a red rag to a bull to at least some audience members, Coastal Coalition types perhaps.

He is there because Willie courts any attention, and because ACT are courting media attention. Silly Willie.

No reasoning person can argue with one law for all. But I don't want to be involved with the anti-Maori sentiment it seeks and succeeds in provoking for the purposes of vote-buying. There will be racists in that audience and Willie himself is racist. Result? They will simply reinforce each others views which will only become further entrenched in the process.

Or no. Silly me actually. This is the enlightened, progressive, big-hearted ACT that engages and listens. Humble apologies. We'll have a little less cynicism from you young lady. Yes Mum.


Manolo said...

Jackon is a self-confessed racist, so I see no value whatsoever in engaging in debate with him.

In my humble opinion, ACT is wasting its time inviting such a low caliber speaker.

Anonymous said...

Lovely last line, Lindsay.
Deborah Coddington

Redbaiter said...

"But I don't want to be involved with the anti-Maori sentiment it seeks and succeeds in provoking for the purposes of vote-buying."

Any chance of a translation from PC double speak into plain English?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Roger Douglas intends repaying the favour at the next Maori Party conference.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it was to inject some colour, any colour, into the proceedings.

Anonymous said...

All NZers are equal but Maori are more equal.

Anonymous said...

I think first is not to define 'special treatment' the first for any racist is to define a system of race classification, the classification for the separate electoral roles in NZ have been through a few evolutions, at one time if you were 50/50 you could decide which way to go, I wonder what Willies is? (don't answer that)


Cactus Kate said...

Whipping boy...go get 'em ACT conference..