Friday, March 19, 2010

Remember Wayne Patterson?

Do you recall the exploits of one Wayne Patterson?

He invented superannuitant identities and successfully defrauded Work and Income of 3.4 million dollars. A TV doco aired about this quiet and unassuming character who lived modestly, invested the money wisely, including in gold bars which he hid in his ceiling. Ultimately he made a profit for the taxpayer of $467,000.

Contrast this to the sleazebag ASB finance investor who stole $17.8 million from unsuspecting and trusting clients. Blew it on sex and lavish living. Poured it down the toilet pretty much.

Who should have got the longer sentence?

Patterson got 8 years and sleazebag got 6.


Anonymous said...

I think Paterson rather then go to prison should have been imediately employed as an anti fraud consultant and made to earn his keep.

The other bloke should be braking rocks in the hot sun for the next 20 years.

Anonymous said...

He will only serve 4 years Lindsay.

I would not mind that deal, $18 million dollars for four years in a soft prison.

Anonymous said...

Breaking rocks with an e


Oswald Bastable said...

4.5 mill per year inside.

What was that line about 'Crime doesn't pay'?

Anonymous said...

Patterson got 8 years and sleazebag got 6.

Pattrson was a bludger. The cops should have shot him out of hand.

For all his crimes, only imprisonment has made the other guy a bludger. If he could pay enough back, that should be punishment enough.

Lindsay said...
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pdm said...

anon 12.46am - I get the definite impression you condone what Versalko did? Why - he was a fraudster who preyed on innocent and naive investers.