Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In the home stretch

Winding down to the exhibition now. With oils you have to have the work finished well before installation and this week I have been able to embark on a new project - soon to be announced. Here is some of the work of other artists involved. Mine is the top right portrait. And below is a publicity shot Sam took yesterday for local papers. Fingers crossed I sell as well as at the last show.


JCUKNZ's blog said...

I hope your excellent workmanship is rewarded.

Medusa said...

Lovely work Lindsay

baxter said...

Yeah I like it too

Anonymous said...

The lady has talent.

Lindsay, is the subject matter an extention of a Lindauer portrait?


Lindsay said...

Dirk, It is a creation based on a black and white photo I found, actually I can't remember where now. Probably the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wgtn.

Anonymous said...

i was just curious as I had occassion to research Lindauer's
work recently in relation to other portraits.

The picture of mother and baby was a favourite of Lindauer and he painted three versions that i know of.All from the waist up.

Mother with moko. One with plaits and feather in hair and a similar one to yours but with shorter hair.

Just an observation and not meant to be picky.