Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Creeping separatism

It is rumoured that whanau ora is going to be administered by Te Puni Kokiri.

Inasmuch as the DPB is a social policy which benefits (?) mainly women, shouldn't it be handed over to the Ministry of Women's Affairs?

And if there is going to be a Minister of Whanau Ora what about a Minister of DPB?

And why not hand the administration of Super over to the Retirement Commissioner and have a Minister of Super?

National tell us that they want trim down public services and bureaucracy and go in exactly the opposite direction with Maori. Pure politics.

Politics aside, the real question is, can Maori providers sort out Maori social problems? How will we know whether the new approach is working? (That question pops into my head because I was reading the other day about the continuing creation of marae courts. In nearly two years since the first began hearing cases no formal evaluation has been conducted.)

My suspicion is that families under the whanau ora scheme will be treated differently to families who are not. That could manifest in avoidance of work-testing for example. It is no secret that the soon-to-be Minister of whanau ora is absolutely against work-testing mothers on the DPB. Whanau ora may provide the political solution to that conflict.

A very close watch needs to be kept on what develops under whanau ora. But my guess is that scrutiny will be impeded by the fact of it being run by the Ministry of Maori Development.


Anonymous said...

Scrutiny of Whanau Ora will only be carried out by Tangata Whenua O Tino Rangatiratanga.

Scrutiny will not be permitted by land-raping white m*****f***res. Your role is to pay for it.

baxter said...

I think the performance of Whanau Ora can be forecast by assessing the performance of Te Wananga 'O Aotearoa.

KPete said...

It's not creeping... its rampant! The govt changes to tertairy funding will get rid off the media art / drama / time waster courses that qualify students to do pretty much nothing. But I can bet good money that the changes are not likely to effect any courses around maori imersion type learning. Which qualifies students to do "what?" how to be 'more' Maori? I wonder what that pays per hour? Oh yeah... nothing.

Peter said...

Tribalism, other people's money, no accountability: the perfect conditions for corruption.

That is before you take the "white m*****f****" sentiment into account.

Anonymous said...

Access will depend on who your cuzzies are and whether they get a job or a benefit.

Nepotism will reign supreme

I was recently involved with an employment issue (involving a Maori component) with a local authority.

The Kaumatua representing the authority was until recently a digger driver with no formal quals other than he had the Reo. This man had the power. It was a sham.

I was invited not to return.


Hone Te Patu said...

Nepotism will reign supreme

Nepotism is a racist term.

The correct term is Whanua Ora "Strong Families".

I was invited not to return.

Whiteys like you are invited to whaka-off back to England, never to return.

Anonymous said...

Hone I find your comments typical of Maori who have made a career out of the victim mentality.

Your "whitey" slur cannot of course be labeled racist as you are the victim in this political charade.

But I take offense at your stereo typical assumption that all Pakeha
are of English heritage. I'm a third generation New Zealander who can trace his forefathers from Denmark back a thousand years. My family were building ocean going vessels which took the Vikings on countless rape and pillage missions across the top of the globe while your lot were making dugout canoes from palm trees using sea shells for tools.