Monday, February 15, 2010

Key needs better advice

According to Mr Key, if 5 percent of people on the DPB moved into work that would save the government $200 million over 10 years.

This was reported yesterday on NewstalkZB. It is also an excerpt from Key's statement to Parliament last week.

This is interesting.

In the financial year to June 2008 14,754 people moved off the DPB and into work. That's 15 percent.

In addition to that a further 17 percent moved off for other reasons.

So why isn't the government saving millions already? Why is it spending more each year on the DPB?

Because more people come on than go off. Around one in three leavers will be back within the year. And around two thousand teenagers will be granted the DPB each year.

What National needs to grasp is that stopping people going onto benefits will reduce numbers and save millions. Prevention is just as important, if not more important.

But to talk about a goal of moving 5 percent off and into work shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what is driving the numbers.


heisenbug said...

I'm obviously more cynical than you - I think he probably understands the real problem very well but doesn't have the cojones to do what's necessary. In the meantime, cute soundbites like this will make the uninformed think he's serious about welfare reform and buy him a few more months with good poll results (none of which he's willing to sacrifice to do what's right).

Anonymous said...

I think he probably understands the real problem very well

Yep. So when he says "move 20% off welfare to work" what he really means is "cut recipients by 20%"

buy him a few more months with good poll results... but doesn't have the cojones to do what's necessary,

It's not a matter of cojones. It's a matter of policits.
Every single one of Ruth (and Roger's) reforms were reversed under Hellen. Every single one.

Under MMP every vote counts - including Bludgers, WFFers, Codgers, Sickos, etc... Phil's low rating is simply a function of Key's high rating. But start really hacking into the Bennies, Codgers, and the WFFers will crawl back to Labour like Cockroachers and we'll have Phil back and tax rates whacked up again and the rest of the productive NZ citizens will flee!

So you have the John Howard option: make slow changes every year, simile whenever you're called "Mr Do Nothing", and slowly crunch down over tie -

Or the Sinner option: Change the franchise to wipe out Labour and the Unions. Stop Bludgers, Codgers and all the rest voting. Arm the cops and send them out to mop up the Greenies and Commies

You choose!