Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How rare the truth has become

It was worth going on the rally to Parliament for this moment alone;

"You are not the child abusers," libertarian Lindsay Perigo exhorted the 5-600 strong crowd, "We all know who the child-abusers are. They are the people who have children they don't want because those people in there," spinning and pointing to the Beehive, "are paying them to do it. They are the child abusers."

The crowd was momentarily stunned. I clapped loudly. And so did a few others. That is cutting to the heart of the matter.

But there were a couple of other 'warm fuzzies'. I was signing a petition and another gruff geyser about my age was also asked. A young Bradford supporter tried to intervene. "You don't understand what you are signing, " she told the man. "Yes I do," he replied.

"But these people collecting signatures are christians," she protested.

"And you are a weird mole" he said, "Now go back to your sisterhood."

Then there was the imposing Maori lady all in black, with megabuckets of mana, standing her ground.

"Where are the Maori Party?" she cried. All cameras swing her way. "WHERE ARE THE MAORI PARTY?" she intoned again and again.... Of course we saw not hide nor hair of the Maori Party....although ACT's Hide and Roy joined the march.

All in all, it was a wonderful respite from the mealy-mouthed political correctness that has killed the cut and thrust of politics.


mawm said...

Thank you Lindsay Perigo - I didn't want to say this because of fear of upsetting too many people and showing predujice. The child beaters are those who DON'T want their children, only the money the government pays them (to be parents) so they can keep on drinking and taking drugs without a worry about going to work.

Fix the welfare system - dont repeal section 59

Brian Smaller said...

I was on the march as well. when I watched the news tonight I thought that they would portray the march and counter-march by Bradford supporters as representative of a "split" in the country over the issue. 85%-15% is hardly a split in the country. More like a splinter.

Rick said...

Wonder if anyone got any of that on tape.

Scotty said...

Man aren't Christians like me such a bunch of terrible people! How dare we try to have our say in a democracy!

Anonymous said...

I can't think of anyone who knows more about abusing people than Mr. Perigo. He's the expert.