Monday, January 01, 2018

Shock, horror, UNICEF says something positive about NZ

It's true. For once UNICEF isn't banging on about child poverty levels in New Zealand. Apparently,

"Babies born in New Zealand have access to high levels of care, education and medical assistance, which is reflected in their long life-spans."

Yet in June 2017 they were saying:

 New Zealand has performed poorly in a global report card on children’s well-being, and Kiwi kids will continue to miss out unless there is a massive upheaval in how children’s best interests are served, says child rights organisation UNICEF NZ.

The first statement is accurate. The second is political.

Welcome to 2018, a year when 'feelings' will rule over facts.

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Anonymous said...

See, as soon as the real lefties are in the narrative changes to make socialism look great. But despite the sudden turnaround the Aussi's live a year longer and climate change will be the death of us all blah blah blah. If the title has UN in it I ignore it. Trump squeezing the money pipe to this monster is among the best news of 2017. If only H1 and H2 were still there to feel it.