Sunday, January 07, 2018

Distorted self regard

Reacting to the passing of Jim Anderton, Jacinda Ardern waxed lyrical about how he "gave 40 years service to New Zealand."

Up a ladder painting, I responded to nobody in particular, "He didn't 'give' it. He was paid, quite handsomely."

The notion that public service employees are somehow self-sacrificing needs crushing.

They occupy some of the best paid and most secure jobs to be found.

Politicians exist in a place of privilege.

And it's a long way from up my ladder, or amongst the cat-shit under the renovation house, or sweltering in the attic. Places I have enjoyed this year 'hoping' to earn a living.

We have provided work for numerous people and made a significant contribution to the economy.

But in the private sector none blathers on about giving service to the country. Neither should they.


Barry said...

That's a good post Lindsay. Thank you.

gravedodger said...

Well stated Lindsay, the way the left danced on the grave of Baroness Thatcher had me thinking along the very lines your summation expressed.

It was claimed last night The Troughmaster General began adult life as a teacher, that resonated far deeper than the often quoted socialist blurb he was a manufacturer of Supermarket Trollies.

I will find it harder to mourn the catholic who so imperiously intervened in the affairs of the Canterbury Anglicans over their once iconic cathedral.

His epitaph can include a reference to his arrogant big noter challenge to a higher Authority when he suggested it would need a "Seismic Event" to prevent him defeating Bob Parker for the ChCh Mayoralty.

ps seasons greetings, M

Don W said...

What grinds my gears is the politicians have the title "honourable" bestowed on them when many are nothing of the sort, more like "horrible"