Friday, September 22, 2017

Never a truer word...

Decades of state welfare and political paternalism have [since] conditioned some people to believe they cannot take care of themselves without government support. So they jeopardise their own freedom by giving government increasing authority over their lives while reducing the freedom of others too.


Only one party isn't promising to increase their authority over your lives this election. They are the only party promising to spend less, not more.

I will party vote ACT tomorrow. And despair over the vast majority who want to increasingly cede control of their lives. But I have long since stopped trying to understand why.


Anonymous said...

Whale Oil had a short vid in the last day or so that addressed the decline of civilisations. Watch that and you, may like me, stop bothering about where we are going because we do seem doomed to collapse. I think the biggest single issue is the lack of morality at a personal level - there is no right and wrong any more. Quadrant has also recently dabbled in the reasons why things peak and decline - especially in relation to what we would call western civilisation.

The human condition is what it is and the cycle repeats.


Mark Hubbard said...


Two party votes for ACT here. But it's all hopeless in the long run.

Nick K said...

I heard Sir Roger give that presentation some months ago, and before publication in the CIS journal. It was an enlightening presentation and the benefits are palpable. Alas, it can never be implemented while we have MMP.

That's very disheartening.

Anonymous said...

What this shows it two things:
- National's policies under English as PM are far far to the left of English as Finance Minister.
- ACT's policies this year were far too timid.

National's policies were well to the left of Labour under Goff, under Shearer, and certainly to the left of Helen Clark's first two terms.

ACT should be organising and fundraising NOW on the basis of National's huge swing to the left. Alan Gibbs should just pay Cameron Slater whatever it takes. The next National government in 2020 will be a National-ACT government - an ACT government with policies to cut $30 billion, rather than $3bn.

Anonymous said...

voted NZ First, for common sense, solid conservative values and to keep them honest.
Conservatives for electorate vote.

Anonymous said...

"commonsense conservative values"
- re-entering Pike River (at taxpayers' expense)
- *full* student allowances
- electric vehicles, banning cars, rail to Auckland airport
- shovel hundreds of millions to MFAT diplomats
- terminate charter schools
- government housebuilding scheme
- shovel yet more billions to super ("codger-bludgers") by upping super
- shovel billions more to super codger-bludgers through gold-card schemes
- jack up the minimum wage
- cancel all student debt

That puts you well to the right of the first 6 years of the Clark government.
That makes you what John Key called "communism by stealth" - except there isn't any stealth any more

The surprise in this election isn't that the Greens and Labour were openly advocating full communism:
it's that National, NZF, and pretty much ACT were all going full commie too.

Anonymous said...

I voted Act back when Rodney Hide was the leader, but they have lost their way without him.
Seymour seems to stand for hard left values, especially on moral issues. They keep running poor, invisible campaigns, what is the point of voting for a one man band.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.31
I voted Winston for his anti immigration stance (Auckland is being swamped, our resources stretched to the max) and his promised referenda on anti smacking act etc.
He is not a commie, quite the opposite. Funny how he holds the balance of power, what a system we have, lol. Can we not get FPP back, ever!