Sunday, September 03, 2017

Election 2017

Muriel Newman accuses the Labour leader of being neither open nor transparent which Ardern claims "at every soundbite".

A democracy deserves politicians who are transparent and honest. Labour’s new leader is showing she is neither.
The reality is that voters deserve to know exactly how much proposed new taxes are going to cost them, before an election. That’s what openness and transparency is all about – revealing the truth to voters, no matter how unpopular it might be.


While Rodney Hide questions Winston's moral entitlement to a pension and also reminds us:

As an aside, Peters is on his third pension entitlement.
Through a quirk of parliamentary history he has been entitled to two extremely generous parliamentary pensions.
His entitlements are gold-plated and make national Super look extremely mean.



Don W said...

Taxinderella won't tell us their tax policy details because they might well be rather excessive and they won't want to scare away the voters. How else will they pay for their massive spending program. Except for Act, all the political parties also have big tax and spend policies.

Anonymous said...

"Except for Act, all the political parties also have big tax and spend policies."

ACT's policies are far to the left of Barack Obama, Tony Blair, and even Jeremy Corbyn.