Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Why I am out of here

You might have noticed I'm not blogging. Much.

Here's why.


Anonymous said...

Stay ! and use it sometimes in the winter

Mark Hubbard said...

Good one. Is that a new blog and a new renovation project, Lindsay?

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Yes Mark. I thought a blog would be a good way to record what we do - before and after stuff. Or ask for advice. But the workload right now is so full-on I'm going to have difficulty finding the time (and energy:-))

Mark Wahlberg said...

I suppose I should suggest the original fireplace may not meet current regulations and will need to be replaced with a wood burner. Turn it into a bookcase I reckon..

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Also from Mark (for some reason blogger didn't end me a 'publish' option with his comment):

Well done Lindsay, I suggest renovating a period home will be more rewarding than digging for an elusive treasure buried in the desert of social reform.

Those who don't understand the magic of capital gain, will never want to replace the gaudy baubles on offer from the snake oil salesmen of social welfare dependency.

More power to your hammer I say.

Having fixed a few houses over the years it will be interesting to watch the transformation as you journey through the minefield of yesterday today.

There are always good days and bad days.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Thanks Mark, that's very encouraging. And, yes, I've hit my head against a welfare brick-wall for 15 years and while there has been some encouraging change, it's just too slow. The central faulty philosophy endures.

Mark Hubbard said...

With three friends, I shifted 13 tonne of soil today into my new vege garden cloches. Now very, very sore :)

Lindsay Mitchell said...

But satisfied - maybe even fulfilled - by seeing a physical, tangible result at the end of your toil.

We work to music. Even better.