Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Central Problem from Which all Else Stems

I got an e-mail from the Prime Minister's team. It read:

Today marks six months until the General Election.I’m privileged to have taken the reins of a party and Government that has worked hard to grow the economy, get Kiwis into work, lift their incomes and tackle devastating natural disasters.
Our challenge now is to sustain that growth, build on the success of the last few years and ensure those who need the most help get it.As a country, we also need to be ready to adapt to a still fragile and uncertain world.
We’ve started the year with real momentum - announcing 1125 new Police, rolling out broadband to 151 new towns and moving to ensure NZ Super is secure and sustainable into the future.We’re heading into the election with a clear plan for long-term prosperity and a strong, united team - a team committed to getting out on the road and continuing to inspire your confidence in the economy and in the direction of our country.
If you’re as committed as we are to seeing New Zealand succeed as a confident, forward-looking country, please make a donation to National's 2017 campaign now,  Bill. 
I emailed back:

I really like Bill calling himself "Bill" instead of "Prime Minister".

But can Bill - who sounds like Bill (or Bob) the Builder - please fix the red tape stuff. It takes too long and costs far too much to get stuff done in this country.

New Zealand is amazingly positioned right now to make hay while the sun shines. Please make hay-making easier.

Lindsay Mitchell


Anonymous said...

If there is sign of any intention to undo red tape tangles from this supposed rightish government that has been in power for some years I've not noticed. They, and ACT, are a continuing disappointment.


Mark Hubbard said...

Rural councils are looking to make farmers get licences/permits to move their stock on rural roads. Rural people really need to start taking an interest in elections to rural councils :) Red tape is growing everwhere. Bill's government's Anti-Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Act (folly) is the most inconvenient and costly piece of red tape I've seen in my 26 year professional career.

gravedodger said...

Hear hear Lindsay but sadly those I try to comunicate with are not listening.
I guess having a god forsaken opposition has convinced them they do not need to.
When the axe falls they will wonder why as labour are still doing 8 years on.

Keepup the great work it is all we can do.