Monday, March 27, 2017

Stomping on a head

TV1 News tonight aired phone-filmed footage (3 times) of a New Zealand schoolgirl stomping on the head of another. Face pressed to ground. Hard.

Questions arise about how others were prepped to film it, but then a generation I don't understand could easily be of-the-cuff cinematographers.

Naturally, I remarked that the 'rape culture' and 'family violence' female victimhood 'religion' is not amply supported by this wee bitch and her cohort. And I do not use the word 'bitch' lightly.

Draw your own conclusions.


Mark Hubbard said...

Ashburton, too.

All of those girls should be suspended so they understand how unacceptable this was (and dangerous).

I couldn't care less about age, these girls are adults; the one that did the stomp should be on a criminal assault charge. Part of the problem here is that damned communist children's commission has seen to it these kidults know the law can't touch them. I'm no authoritarian vis a vis adults; but, certainly, a disciplinarian where children are concerned. Too many children have no awareness of boundaries anymore.

Mark Wahlberg said...

The behaviour of these adolescent thugs capturing their feral urges on film, borders on voyeurism, which is made worse by the media sensationalising the event as news, but to me its only a step away from being offered as entertainment.

This is the stuff of new age "Lord of the Flies" and I suspect the guilty parties will treat this as some sort of rite of passage as they prepare themselves for a liquor store or gas station robbery.

There appears to be no acceptable answer to the daily tedium of mindless violence.

Don W said...

Wasn't David Longe responsible for making kids under a certain age free from prosecution where family group councils would be the solution.? That worked well Eh. Bring back borstals and discipline where kids learn consequences for their actions .

Anonymous said...

What also makes me sick of course, is innocent and helpless little Ihaka Stokes (murde trial in the news at the moment) frigging assulted at least 59 times. 59!! This we baby was utterly destroyed, and what the heck was the mum doing while her son got tortured to death!! IT;s sickening stuff, so brutal and callous, vile bloody monster.
Oh, for the death penalty.

david said...

I'm reading the bell curve at the moment. Puts some perspective on all this.