Thursday, July 14, 2016

Graph of the Day

Released today by Statistics NZ an article discussing "The Kiwi factor in record net migration."

At the 2008 election  (which I stood in as an ACT candidate so remember the issues well) it was all hand-wringing over our young people leaving to live overseas. The brain-drain even.

Now they aren't leaving, pushing up net migration, it's all hand-wringing over housing prices and job poaching due to high net migration.

There is no happy medium. Because the oppositional style of politics, aided and abetted by media, will always find a crisis.

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Anonymous said...

As with everything else - particularly Auckkabd housing - the biggest single distortion by far is welfare (including all those school hospitals and the vain hope of super - plus the idea of government support of student loans etc).

Get rid if all that and the calculus will look rather different.