Friday, July 08, 2016

"Deepening social inequality" - where?

Venezuela maybe? How's that working out? The 'rich' are ordering food parcels on-line from Miami. The 'middleclass' is cutting out meals and going without basic necessities. The 'poor' are attacking food trucks and warehouses, stealing crops, foraging and storming supermarkets in border cities.The situation is deteriorating quickly. The country is being brought to its knees by socialism.

So it's Alice in Wonderland time reading the following complaints about New Zealand on the World Socialist Web Site:
"...the National Party government’s austerity measures since 2008 have “confiscated” billions of dollars from the poor and transferred this wealth to the rich. It has cut taxes for top income earners and corporations, increased the regressive Goods and Services Tax and pushed thousands of people, including single parents, off welfare payments. Spending on healthcare and education has been effectively cut, and thousands of jobs have been shed in government departments and publicly-owned companies, including Solid Energy, NZ Post and KiwiRail....the political establishment is seeking to wash its hands of any responsibility for the deepening social crisis."
The writers should seek sanctuary from this brutal regime in a country that has embraced and implemented their political ideals. Oh, but they would be out of a job. Nothing to complain about. Nothing to eat. Nothing to wipe their bottoms with.


Jigsaw said...

They prefer to ignore Venezuela or when pressed will say that socialism either wasn't done correctly (i.e. how they would have done it)or that the whole thing is the fault of the evil empire aka The United States of America who has been busy bringing the country down. Chris Trotter is a the perfect example. The last time he wrote about the country in generally glowing terms was several years ago-since then.....nothing.

Don W said...

Venezuela is a good example of where NZ never wants to be. We are fortunate in NZ that our food industry is run by capitalist, profit making private enterprise. No doubt there are many people, because food is an essential , would like the state to own the food industry and provide it as a tax paid public good. If we think that won't happen , the Nat gov,t is continually heading left and expanding welfare and the Labour party with it's housing policy wants to take us back to 1935. Socialism didn't work then either as in 1939 finance minister Walter Nash went to England, cap in hand for a loan as the NZ economy was heading back into recession. The war broke out and of course that change everything.

Anonymous said...

equality is just another word for slavery & communism.

more inequality is a good thing!