Sunday, May 22, 2016

Prisoner stats

Statistics NZ recently released prisoner stats some of which I have graphed below.

The Maori and European lines intrigue me. Why do they follow each other so closely in terms of trend? You would almost think there was a quote system in place. Obviously practice and policy plays an important role.

From Corrections here is the latest. At March 2016 there were 9,273 people in prison.

Just as an aside I was reading a paper on Maori over-representation in the justice system.

I searched the paper for the word 'father'. Not one mention.

This despite a number of relevant facts like Maori men under twenty are 6 times more likely to be fathers than NZ European. And children who grow up without fathers in their lives are much more likely to offend.

'Mothers' are mentioned 14 times. For example:

Māori children are more exposed to the risk of fatal child maltreatment associated with having a step-parent, as Māori children are twice as likely as New Zealand European to be raised in a family situation where unrelated persons - such as a new partner to the mother - are resident.
Isn't this what we always come back to? The disruption - even abandonment - of the nuclear family has so much to answer for.

I'll end with another quote:

"There is nothing fixed or immutable about these high rates of imprisonment. The over-representation of Māori in prison is a relatively recent phenomenon, dating from the period of increased urbanisation.  Changing values, family breakdown, lack of education and social competencies and social and economic inequality all feature as explanations of the current situation." 


JC said...

Something that Maori and Blacks took up with gusto in the 1960s was the morality and mores of the Europeans around them.. the sexual revolution, head banging music, welfarism, solo motherhood, victimology, minority worship, racial and cultural relativity, crime and drugs.

The dominant European culture with its thousands of years of experience handled this much better than some of the the other groups that have damned near been destroyed by it. For the Europeans it was a detour off the main road but for other groups it was a dead end.

"Progressive" people created this mess and right now they are doubling down on it.. even making money out of it in the service economy.


Brendan McNeill said...

JC makes a very good point. Those of us with European heritage significantly underestimate the influence of the social capital we have received following 1,000 years of Christian civilization in the west. We are now in spiritual overdraft with the impact of the 60’s sexual revolution is still being played out amongst us, think gay marriage and now gender fluidity.

Consequently, nothing stands between us and the crime / fatherlessness statistics of Maori but time.

Redbaiter said...

"Consequently, nothing stands between us and the crime / fatherlessness statistics of Maori but time."


Cringeworthy garbage.

Maori are individuals the same as every other race.

They can seek refuge in the bigotry of low expectations you have expressed or they can struggle on like the rest of us.

Their choice.

Brendan McNeill said...

Hi Redbaiter

You said:

“Maori are individuals the same as every other race.”

That is my point.

The difference between us is 900 years of inherited Christian civilization.

Maori don’t have it, we do.

Like them, absent a spiritual re-awakening, like Maori we will descend into the abys of violence, substance abuse, under achievement and fatherlessness.

Not in our generation perhaps, not in your children’s perhaps, but then perhaps.