Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Morgan Foundation attacks personal freedom ... again

The Morgan Foundation were at it again last week. Attacking personal freedoms to achieve the society they want. Whether its cats, climate or corpulence, regard for personal choice is utterly disregarded.

If you think I exaggerate read the latest here.

Instead of a facile debate over whether a sugar tax would work or not, we should be discussing which we value more – living in a free society where you can eat what you like and burden the state, or whether we value having a healthy, productive society. 

My response which was published yesterday (with editing):

 Geoff Simmons (Ideology behind the argument against sugar tax, DomPost, April 29) argues against the "freedom of choice" to eat what we like and wants taxes to curb consumption. These taxes will however apply to all consumers, most of whom do not have an over-eating problem. To control the behaviour of a minority, Simmons is completely comfortable with removing the majority's freedom of choice. In fact, he really dislikes freedom of choice, saying it will "clog our hospitals". That's just silly. Poor choice is what leads to obesity and ill-health. A seeming inability to deal with that issue should not lead to further punishment of the majority. Those who would so easily relinquish personal autonomy in favour of state dictates about what and how much should be eaten are frankly, scary.
And for good measure here is another from somebody called Amanda Purdy, published today:


Anonymous said...

the problem is clear from your quote of the communist:

or not, we should be discussing which we value more – living in a free society where you can eat what you like and burden the state

The core of the problem, once again, is welfare. Two kinds of welfare in fact, the one mentioned in the quote, a communist state health system, and then the uniquely western european form of welfare which pays bludgers to eat.

A "free society" is incompatible with any form of welfare - including those state hospitals.

Mark Hubbard said...

They're dreadful. Prostitutes of the Big State. Arrogant, ignorant bullies (look at their founder.)

Don W said...

Have you noticed that those that are proponents of big controlling state telling us how we should live our lives are the biggest lovers of individual freedom and capital, but only for themselves, every one else should obey, do what they are told and serve these state worshiping bullies. You will never see a poor, impoverished tyrant.

Redbaiter said...

Well, if you're going to have the govt run a health system, this is the kind of crap you can expect.

Don W said...

RedBaiter , "If we are going to have a gov't run heath system, this is the kind of crap you can expect". You are not wrong. There is a mindset that it is the gov't that has the answers to our life's solutions. Ronald Reagan said that the gov't is the problem not the solution.
The solutions to our life's problems comes from ourselves and no one else.

Redbaiter said...

The mood in the country of one of capitulation to the big govt ideal.

Nothing is said by any politician that confronts this capitulation.

This situation exists because of a complete lack of fight from National.

John Key has led them into surrender.

And they scuttle about like crabs on a rock, pretending to be doing something but really just running in fear from what they should be doing.

Cowards all of them.

paul scott said...

Yes,just as well we have Morgan to tell us how we should think,act and feel.
Imagine us floundering around without his dictums each week or so.