Friday, April 22, 2016

Must-read from Karl du Fresne

This is a powerful reminder of the grim injustice (in the name of 'justice') ideologues can wreak.


Anonymous said...

My elder sister worked in such a workshop many moons ago but it was shut down. She then worked in a hospital laundry but that got contracted out. She then just sat in a flat on welfare and became depressingly lazy before going onto national super. The govt sends people to do the cleaning that she used to happily do herself.

The coat hangers and other stuff I recall her colleagues making are now probably imported from China. I well remember the bottle drives to fund raise for the workshop.

Modern thinking it may be but its not compassionate.

The flip side to Karl's argument is that without a concept of right and wrong outside yourself this is what you get.


Jigsaw said...

I am quite sure that for such ideology driven people that enacted these laws the end results are of little consequence. They have been driven by and idea and are loath to even see the consequences let alone to acknowledge them - especially not as a result of their actions.

Don W said...

We live in a perfectly imperfect world but these socialist bureaucratic ideologue's, in their endeavours to make the world perfect, they instead end up making a perfect mess of the world.

david said...

In a slightly lighter vein, we were taken by friends to one such workshop as they had seen a carved chair they thought they liked. Unfortunately they had stopped making that item. Apparently they had not been able to keep up with the demand so had decided to stop making it.

Karl's story is yet another example of how minimum wages destroy jobs, and yet you still see learned papers claiming that adverse effects are minor.