Monday, March 28, 2016

What globalisation looks like

Idly reading an article I was captured by the photo.

What city is that a photo from, I wondered?

I can see 3 or 4 Asian looking people, maybe a Philippine, 2 or 3 Caucasian people, a tall black man, someone who looks slightly eastern European or even middle eastern.

It just intrigued me because I can only partly see the trains logo.

Then I checked the source - the Fraser Institute. So Canada. I googled Canadian Subway logos and found this.

Toronto. Without the source clues I never would have guessed.

Globalisation. It's a wonderful thing.

Crowded subway trains are not.


Anonymous said...

Globalism is capitalism is freedom.

Subways are communist - crowded or not.

Jamie said...

You Lindsay may be sold on globalism and the joys of multiculturalism and mass migration

I am of an entirely different opinion

Anonymous said...

In Hong Kong subways are crowded (but civilised). You would not be confused about where you are though. It is a great place that the locals take pride in. They are also proud to have a British heritage that they think sets them apart from their cousins across the border.


Lindsay Mitchell said...

Hong Kong has such ridiculously cheap taxis, regularly running local buses, the frequent Star Ferries, that I've never got to the subway. I'm a bit claustrophobic.

Cheryl said...

Green Party Utopia. Subways justified.

Redbaiter said...


Here's a train station in China

See all the different races?

No, neither do I.

Its all one way Lindsay.

Urban Redneck said...

The demographics of NZ and the rest of the West has been radically transformed in the last few decades. It may give you a warm glow, but when was anyone ever asked by the politicians if the country wanted this? Pacific islanders in the 70's were obsensibly brought in to to the jobs that kiwi's wouldn't do, but in reality just to provide Labour with a base of low wage, reliant-on-govt voters, next up wealthy Hong Kong Chinese in the 80's who we were told were going to be our economic salvation, now they basically let anyone in just so the government can claim GDP growth fueled by the population increase.