Saturday, September 19, 2015

4 in 10 Superannuitants don't use the internet

MSD launched some new website yesterday. Money to burn.

This surprised me though.

61 per cent of New Zealanders over the age of 65 used the internet last year.

That's a truckload of people missing out on all the wonderful communication, knowledge and entertainment available through the web. Close to a quarter million.

39 percent non-users is higher than I would have thought. An elderly friend of mine recently lost her cat. I thought she would replace it but she feels she is just too old and it would outlive her. Last time I saw her though she was utterly animated and over the sadness. Her son had bought her a tablet and she was buzzing with everything she could do with it. I don't think elderly people actually understand that they can access a wealth of nostalgic material they never thought they'd enjoy again. All they see is the negative aspects of social media, and it's too easy to carp on about people losing communication skills etc.

They don't know what they are missing.


Mark Hubbard said...

I agree with your friends position on not having pets that will outlive them: they're the saddest cases in the pound because most are used to the best of lives (and a pox on too many families who won't take these pets in).

After our current little dog goes (hopefully she's got a good eight to tens years yet), we've already decided we'll start taking only older dogs from the pound. (Not because we're at that old stage yet :) but because they deserve to see their days out in comfort and security too.)

Jigsaw said...

It's really sad-as a 74 year old I know of loads of people who are my age and younger who take a great deal of pride in NOT using the internet and technology generally and yet everything you say is true-it is a key that can unlock a whole world of information and pleasure. It is often a problem to get someone who will help with technological problems and I think in some ways the attitude can be a defence against people who treat older people as though they are mentally impaired in some way. Some shops are worse than others and if I get treated in that way then I'm out of there! Having offspring who will help is good as well - even if they do sigh and roll their eyes at times......

Anonymous said...

I tried to get my parents to explore the IT world but they never did. What they loved was the reality of physical contact with their children and grandchildren. We made a special effort to visit as much as possible because it was such a pleasant and meaningful encounter. IT trickery has a place but it doesn't hug or hold a hand.