Wednesday, June 03, 2015

First poll response to the budget (updated)

TV One News says  the budget failed to please voters, with the latest Colmar Brunton poll showing National slipping one point.

The Government's 'benefit budget' appears to have had little impact, with just 4 per cent of people saying they are now better off, according to the latest ONE News opinion poll...The Colmar Brunton poll saw National slip one percentage point to 48 per cent

I predicted it would fail to please voters  by expanding welfare.

I also promised I'd say so if I was wrong.

Who knows.

Update: A second poll shows National down 3.4 points and the PM  "dipping below 40 per cent for the first time since early 2014." So my prediction wasn't wrong, at least in regard to the Reid Research Poll. Increasing welfare is not electorally popular amongst National voters. As I have tried to point out, in a series of posts, the reasons for doing so are quite spurious.


Jamie said...

Budget??? What that??? Here is my take Lindsay...

I for one am sick of these immature clowns

Anonymous said...

Increasing welfare is not electorally popular amongst National voters

Increasing welfare is not popular amongst voters --- and especially unpopular amongst taxpayers.

Meanwhile George Osbourne shows that stringent benefit cuts - 25% - are very popular amongst voters and taxpayers.

david said...

I agreed with you , the result was as expected. If you give more to your opponent's supporters, they still won't support you - they will find reasons to remain unhappy, while at the same time your own supporters will feel let down.