Monday, December 22, 2014

The more things change....December 22, 2014

Here's a topical piece except it's from 80 years ago.

Source:  Evening Post, Volume CXVIII, Issue 150, 22 December 1934, Page 11




Mr. John Brown, of South Shields, ex-tramp, author, boxer, and novelist has returned from Russia. For the past month (says the London "Daily Express") he has .been travelling alone in the land of the Soviet at the expense of Lord Nuffield (formerly Sir William Morris). Now he is back to submit a report on his impressions to the famoug motor-car manufacturer.

This story began last May. John Brown stood outside the Morris motor works selling Communist literature to Lord Nuffield's workers. A motor-car drove up and Lord Nuffield accosted Brown. A heated discussion followed. As result, Mr. Brown last month sailed for Russia to study conditions as they really are, free of all cost to himself.

Mr. Brown gave his impressions to a "Daily Express" representative. "I learned enough Russian" he said, "to get about on my own. I avoided all guides. I wanted to find out things for myself. I covered 4000 miles altogether and got into certain factories in spite of official refusals. I worked on a Moscow subway and met commissars, generals, and directors. My general impression ia that the facts do not fit the theory. In theory Communism should have increased enormously the standard of living of the worker  since 1917. I expected the standard to be at least comparable with the  Western European countries. But it will take at least five five year plans before that has been accomplished.There is no unemployment, but it's is not quite so pleasant as it sounds. If you want a ration card you have got to nave a job of some sort. It is easy to get divorce, but if you have more than one you cannot get promotion. You just say you want a divorce and get it on the spot. Even the highest paid workers in Russia are on a lower standard of living than men on the dole in England."


Perhaps Bob Jones might like to sponsor a few Greens in a similar manner.


Jigsaw said...

This reminded me of the comment that George Bernard Shaw apparently made after a visit to Russia at this time. He said he thought that it was a fairer society (than Britain)as 'everyone was shabby'..........

Anonymous said...

Umm.... I read this. "Perhaps Bob Jones might like to sponsor a few Greens in a similar manner." I admit to being lost. What point were you trying to make?