Monday, November 24, 2014

The more things change....November 24, 2014

Here's a brief piece from The New Zealand Herald, November 24, 1934:

A booklet disabusing readers of many prejudices and opinions regarding China and its people has been issued oy the British Department of Overseas Trade. It states that the word "Chink" is insulting and should never be used; that even the word "Chinaman" is derogatory and should be avoided; that the Chinese are-no longer "heathen Chinese;" that the sinister, yellow-skinned man of sensational type, found in novels and plays, is a myth; and, greatest surprise of all, that "Pidgin English" is dead, and that good English will carry the tourist everywhere in what used to be called the Celestial Empire. The booklet states that the common idea that Chinese food is strange in composition and repulsive in appearance is also unfounded. It asserts that such dishes as birds' nests, sharks' fins, beche-de-mer—otherwise known as "seaslug"—and even the famous "ancient eggs," have a pleasant and delectable flavour enhanced by the excellence of Chinese cooking.
Eighty years on and anti-Chinese sentiment - though somewhat more sophisticated -  still abounds.

Makes one realise the axiom, " takes a generation or more to make real change" may be overly optimistic.


Jamie said...

Couple questions Lindsay...

How many immigrants should be allowed in your opinion???

How tight is the immigration process???

Because to me it looks like all you need is a brown paper bag with cash to get in...

JC said...

The Chinese have taken over from the Japanese in the latest iteration of "Yellow Peril" and of course they no longer do just laundry, vege gardens and fast food.

Many are struggling with the change of status and numbers of Chinese in their communities.


Jamie said...

Many were never consulted about how they feel about mass immigration,
They just had mass immigration forced upon them by a bunch of ,money-grubbing politicians, and get told they are the big R-word if they have a problem with it...