Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to defeat child poverty?

The Daily Blog features a post this morning entitled, How to defeat child poverty, which comprises purely the graphic below:


The piece of the picture missing shows the unemployment rate in Finland is 8.5%, more than three points higher than New Zealands at 5.4%.

Additionally Finland's youth unemployment rate is 19.8%. So much for the guaranteed jobs.


Mark Hubbard said...

A youth parliament would be the quick route to relegating the basic principles of individual freedom to a lost history.

JC said...

In addition the median age in Finland is 42 compared to 37 here, ie, Finland has a smaller cohort of youth compared to here.


Manolo said...

Another example of twisted left-wing ideology and manipulation of the facts.

tranquil said...

If I'm not mistaken, Finland is also very ethnically homogenous.

Unlike many Western countries (the US, Australia and New Zealand) they do not have a sizable underclass group (African-Americans, Aborigines or Maori) that the working taxpayers support. I'm sure that makes quite a difference.

In any case, the current government *is* making progress on so-called "child poverty".
Much of that is happening in the solo parent area and the figures for S.P.S. have been steadily dropping for years (as has the birthrate for under-20s if I'm not mistaken).
Both of these factors (along with the strong jobs market) will help to fight poverty and minimise the number of people going into the "benefit trap".

Anonymous said...

While the measure of poverty is as it is we cannot defeat it. The statistical split will remain no matter how ludicrous it is.