Monday, October 27, 2014

Save me from aggrieved women

The irony of it struck me this morning. The reason I am so often out of step with modern-day feminists is because I can fight my own battles.

I wish the randy old goat who made a pass at this woman would out himself because her dragging it up every media avenue she can find is going to get very irksome.

It isn't exclusively women but every day someone bleats to the media about the violation of their 'rights'. Or the offence someone or some action has caused them. The consequent act of either utu or victimhood becomes an obsession out of all proportion to the incident.

It's not newsworthy and it doesn't become the complainant.


Mark Hubbard said...

You must be the only Kiwi left who doesn't know who he is Lindsay. I wasn't interested, but Mrs H found it by Googling in under 3 minutes.

He also anonymously had a piece in yesterday's Stuff: his life is as destroyed as Hemsley's is. Marriage obviously on the rocks, kids won't talk to him plus he can't find work anymore.

That's no excuse, and there should have been a price, blah blah blah, and I'm sick of being bagged by the radical feminists for daring to take from time to time a differing opinion (despite like you I am a feminist by dint of being an individualist). Debating gender politics is toxic now, unfortunately, and even to mention this, in this manner, puts you and I into their misogynist camp again. Because depth is something radical feminism doesn't deal in, it's mainly mindless bromides and foul language (that's an actual tactic).

My hope from this is the case is not used as further cause to reverse burden of proof and innocent until proven guilty, because then the free society disappears by a leap, rather than it's incremental creep.

One note though, on the last point finally there's a reasoned reaction against, quote, the left's creeping totalitarianism of affirmative consent'. You may be interested to read this piece:

Especially last three paras.

Mark Hubbard said...

Um, just to clarify my above comment, I was in no way linking Hemsley and affirmative consent, that was just the flow of topics from one theme to another.

On the facts as we are given, that case was sexual assault.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

I do know who he is. My wish that he would out himself isn't for my benefit (well not directly:-)).
It's so she will have to relinquish her crusade to have him named.

coffee_now said...

I agree with you Lindsay.

The media are infested with articles touting "aggrieved this, offended that".

Given that the MSM are all left-wingers such articles look like part of a decades-old campaign to make people feel helpless so that they bleat to the government for help.
Standard left-wing stuff.

I don't think the MSM will ever move towards the right - not even slightly.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the MSM will ever move towards the right - not even slightly.

of course not. why is why they are now irrelevant.

In Italy, it's been the case for the past five years that no one can govern without the support of Blogger Beppe Grillo -

In NZ, it's now that case that no one can govern without the support of Whale Oil.