Monday, September 22, 2014

Welfare reforms: ambitious target?

According to Stuff:

National sources say the party will focus on continuing welfare reforms, as it attempts to hit an ambitious target of cutting the number of people on benefits back to levels last seen in 1998.

Hell. I hope not. In 1998 there were nearly 374,000 working age people on benefits!

At the moment there are around 294,000

Why doesn't anyone ever check what they write?


Anonymous said...

Well off topic Lindsay, but I note that majority of blogs you read have no entries for year or 2
I suppose that frees up time for more important things to do
Best wishes, Peter

Anonymous said...

The plan is to cut down to 75% of the current benefit roll - or as informally stated - to get 75,000 off the bludge.

S Beast said...

75% isn't a plan, it's a goal.