Sunday, August 24, 2014

Will this help ACT?

Radio Live news is reporting that John Key is insisting 'grants for homes' are not hand-outs. He said something to the effect that they were only helping people who are prepared to help themselves. After all most of the grant would be from their KiwiSaver.

As it is going to cost the government $218 million extra,  I struggle to see that whether it's an incentive, subsidy, whatever, it's not a hand-out. Perhaps he thinks it's a hand-up. A slight improvement.

But a positive from the government embarking on their campaign proper and beginning the own bribes, reminding voters how centre-left they actually are, is one possibility:

People might start remembering and considering ACT. The only party not campaigning with personal sweeteners paid for with other people's money.


macdoctor said...

Sadly, there is little evidence that people vote for anything except self-interest, particularly in the general election.

Anonymous said...

Money for NEW houses.

We owned a number of old one before we could own a new house and even now don't own a new house.
disgraceful stuff from National Socialists.

Anonymous said...

reminding voters how centre-left they actually are,

National is centre-left?

We'd agree the Clark/Cullen Government was hard-left.

Well the Key/English government is at least 60 billion dollars to the left of Clark & Cullen.

Anonymous said...

But they arn't addressing the issure of foreign investment and mass immigration; these are the real drivers of the housing crisis.
I think it's a real betrayal of New Zealanders when National is allowing overseas bidders to outstrip Kiwis on home ownership. Homes built up by previous generations of Kiwis. Where is Act on this?

JC said...

"Where is Act on this?"

In about the same place as National and in truth, Labour when in govt.

These three parties know that NZ cannot progress or pay the bills without foreign investment.

It wouldn't be difficult to show that foreigners invest a far greater proportion of their money in productive assets than NZers.


Anonymous said...

I think it's a real betrayal of New Zealanders

Sure it's a betrayal of young, mostly brown Kiwis.

But it's great for old white Kiwis who own the houses.

Just like NZ's biggest welfare benefit of them all: National (Party) Super - aka the Codger-Dole.
The Codger-Dole takes 12 Billion dollars every year from young mostly brown Kiwis and gives it to old mostly white ones.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:47. Try reading BNZ bank economist Tony Alexander - he comments frequently on housing. He has asked many about foreign bidders and finds that is a myth.
It is as others are pointing out, that the National Party RMA has limited options and driven up prices.
{The $20,000 subsidy for new home buyers WILL increase prices. And of course the $20K is O.P.M.}

Anonymous said...

Foreign bidders is not a myth in the Auckland market at all.QE has meant there is so much U.S 'paper' globally that there is a race to turn it into hard assets..especially land,farms,propert residential and commercial.NZ has a lax regime so attracts this hot money.Most M.P's seem to be property investors so no surprises they do little to address the issue,and of course the feelgood factor of homeowners endesrs them to the incumbent govt.As a matter of fact at B&T Auckland largest R.E firm,the 1st white male agent comes in at no.55 on a sales/performance scale.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Where does "1st white" female agent appear?

Anonymous said...

In about the same place as National and in truth, Labour when in govt.

Yeah? Labour in government famously didn't do very many sweetheart deals with businesses. Hellen & Cullen still stuck to the old Roger Douglas no handouts policy, certainly none handed out by politicians.

National? - well the Casino & the Smelter for starters, and just goes on from there.

Like I said: Helen Clark governed well to the Right of John Key.