Saturday, August 23, 2014

Du Fresne at his best

Great piece from Karl du Fresne published earlier this week in the DomPost:

Nigel Latta is one of those phenomena that happen when you’re not looking. One day, no one had heard of him; the next, it seemed you couldn’t turn on your TV set without seeing him.
His quirky method of presentation – walking backwards, making exaggerated gestures and pulling funny faces for the camera – obviously appealed to viewers. His shows on parenting not only rated well but spun off into live performances and national tours.

The clinical psychologist became a certified celebrity. Now he’s been further transmogrified into what is loosely termed a guru – no longer just an authority on parenting, but an oracle on the great issues of our time.


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Jigsaw said...

Really dangerous to believe much that he does I think . His piece on education was really just what he was told-he was really captured by the people around him with no thought as to how successful it has all been to date. Pretty shallow stuff really.