Saturday, April 26, 2014

"Teaching men to respect women a priority - Davis" TV3

TV3 is reporting on an interview with Kelvin Davis this morning.

Kelvin Davis is "determined" to lecture men on how to treat women properly, as he prepares to take his seat in The Beehive.
The Labour list candidate is due to replace outgoing MP, Shane Jones, just months out from September's general election.
Mr Davis says the recent Roastbusters' scandal has highlighted major failings in men's treatment of women.
“Men don’t have conversations with their sons about how to treat, love, and respect women,” he says.
Questions for Kelvin.

Do women have converstaions with their daughters about how to treat, love and respect men? Further, do they demonstrate those behaviours?

I always bristle when the finger points one way.

(I also wonder how men can have conversations with sons they have no knowledge of or relationship with.)


macdoctor said...

I think Davis is wrong. In a stable marriage, a father does not need to talk to his son about treating women respectfully because he demonstrates it daily with his wife. The same goes for mums and daughters. So what we need is not more lecturing from do-gooders, what we need is more stable marriages.

Hamish said...

Stable relationships*