Friday, April 04, 2014

Sue Moroney scrambles to find a problem

Have a listen to Larry Williams interviewing Labour's welfare spokesperson Sue Moroney (follows Paula Bennett) about Labour's gripe with people having benefits stopped because they have gone overseas. It's a very poor show on her part. And this is a minister-in-waiting.

A classic example of an opposition that has and would do exactly the same thing and can't actually find a problem so tries to manufacture some. Sometimes it would be wiser to just shut up.

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Anonymous said...

And this is a minister-in-waiting.

No she's not. She's just not. She's nothing but a communist shill getting airtime that she doesn't deserve.

The polls have been more or less consistent with National between 45-50% since 2007.

What this means is that any MMP "arrangement" other than a National-lead government will widely be seen as illegitimate

A undemocratic government may be accepted by the Wellington bureaucrats, and by the more indigent suburbs of South Auckland, but any other government will not be accepted as democratically legitimate in mainstream NZ. To insinuate otherwise verges on fraud.

This point does bear repeating because so many people - especially the MSM - simply don't get it, or like the idea of a "close election". Labour & the Greens have obvious reasons to claim the election is close, when it's not, and National seems to have taken that road to, for tactical reasons to boost their vote.

But ACT, for example, should be speaking this simple truth from the rooftops - because, more than ever, if you actually want a "National" government with policies that anywhere else would be considered "centre left" (OK, actually "hard left") then you have to vote ACT in the party