Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sue Bradford - capitalist mouthpiece?

When you think about the extreme Left in New Zealand, who comes to mind? John Minto, Hone Harawira, Metiria Turei, Annette Sykes, Sue Bradford?

Comically, the World Socialist Web Site views these individuals as psuedo-leftists at best. Capitalist sell-outs otherwise. In an article about the prospective Mana/ KimDotcom alliance, which Sue Bradford cotinues to shun, the writer foams:

Bradford’s entire political history has been as a mouthpiece for a succession of capitalist parties, including the Alliance, the Greens and now Mana.

Who knew it?

But I feel sympathy for Sue getting bagged. For those who live politics and dream change BUT try to work within the bounds of reality, it's a thankless task.

She has my respect. More than she can get from the Marxists.


Anonymous said...

The Alliance, Greens and Mana "capitalist"?
Yeah, right - Tui ad coming up.
Same with Bradford being "capitalist".

I think that in order to not be called "capitalist" by that website, you need to sing "The People's Flag" 10 times a day and be in favour of the government controlling **everything** (including how long you spend in the toilet).

Anonymous said...

Nelson Mandela, Gerry Adams, Bill Ayers and Taame Iti all worked "within the bounds of reality".

What do you expect from the World Socialist Web Site?

When you think about the extreme Left in New Zealand, who comes to mind?

Helen Clark, John Key, David Cunliffe, Steven Joyce, Crusher Collins, Basher Bennet...

NZ basically doesn't have anyone who isn't extreme left, hard left, or far left. Lindsay, for example, is far left.