Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Questions about Jones' successor

Excuse my ignorance about  Labour Party developments and electoral law.

I do know that Shane Jones was a list MP and assume  his departure requires a replacement for the months between June and September. But I may be wrong, in which case the rest of this post is redundant.

Labour Party List 2011 General Election
1 GOFF, Phil
2 KING, Annette
4 PARKER, David
5 DYSON, Ruth
6 HOROMIA, Parekura
7 STREET, Maryan
8 COSGROVE, Clayton
9 MALLARD, Trevor
11 CHAUVEL, Charles
12 MAHUTA, Nanaia
13 ARDERN, Jacinda
15 LITTLE, Andrew
16 JONES, Shane
17 SIO, Sua William
18 FENTON, Darien
19 MACKEY, Moana
20 PRASAD, Rajen
21 HUO, Raymond
22 BEAUMONT, Carol
23 DAVIS, Kelvin
24 SEPULONI, Carmel
25 BARKER, Rick

So, I know Prasad is still an MP because of his Easter outburst over Nigella Lawson.

I had to wiki-search the next too. Yes, they are MPs.

But I do know Kelvin Davis is not. One of the few that should be.

He has been selected for the Te Tai Tokerau but somewhere I read he isn't available for campaigning yet? So will he be available to make a swift trip south to replace Jones in the House?

And how will that affect Hone's chance of keeping the seat? Will Davis find himself in parliament for just a couple of months if he doesn't win Te Tai Tokerau,or will Labour sensibly push him up the list this time?

Or can he turn it over to the next party-lister, ex MP Carmel Sepuloni?

Who would think a sane person wanted a bar of Labour but he has put up his  hand for candidate selection. Good Guy in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Sheesh... that list really is a "talent-free zone".

As I've said elsewhere, if Robertson replaces Cunners after the election (assuming they lose) then that will just reinforce Labour as being the "gaggle of gays" party. It should also result in a big loss of votes from the conservative Pasifika community.

Anonymous said...

Those who own the country ought to govern it - John Jay

Please explain why we even have a "Labour" party, much less why they should be allowed anywhere near government?