Wednesday, April 02, 2014

David Cunliffe - a very unpleasant person

Keeping Stock has blogged about David Cunliffe's hour on NewstalkZB yesterday with Tim Fookes. It was an eye-opener for me, not a pleasant one. He is indeed a sneery, arrogant bully. And my post title reflects how he behaved towards the host at times, despite beginning most convivially.

But there was a bright moment (apart from when Cunliffe claimed John Key has more money than  God!?).

A caller rang in to ask Cunliffe why he wouldn't appear on a sister station's Farming Show. He replied that he had been advised not to because it had been rude to his predecessor. But in what you could hear the cogs of his mind churning as a magnanimous gesture on his part, he told the listener that, in future, he would appear.

How generous.

After Cunliffe left, Tim received a communication from the Farming Show team that he would not be invited on again any time soon. They had asked Shane Jones who had agreed to be their regular guest.

Outflanked again. Bad advice again.

Mr Cunliffe puts up an abrasive and aggressive front to control and to show he is in control. But there is a great deal of anger simmering which manifests in nastiness. And I don't think that anger is just the product of his opponents policies.


Keeping Stock said...

Well said Lindsay. I could not agree more with your assessment of the "nice" Mr Cunliffe.

brian_smaller said...

He is a total fraud and it shows. The fact that only a quarter of the people who claim to support his party want him as PM speaks volumes.

Manolo said...

he is a naty, a very nasty person, indeed.

Kiwiwit said...

The last thing New Zealand needs is an angry prime minister.

Anonymous said...

"He is indeed a sneery, arrogant bully."

Ooo, it *excites* me when you get angry Lindsay..... ;p

thor42 said...

I think I can pinpoint *exactly* where Cunliffe's anger is coming from.

Being the super-arrogant person that he is, he will be thinking "but I have a brain the size of a *galaxy!* Why don't people *like* me?
Why don't they *believe* me?"

I agree with the other commenters too. He is a *very* nasty person.
A trait that many lefties have but he has it in *spades*.

Take Michael Cullen's arrogance. Multiply it by a thousand and add in a supertanker-full of anger and a truckload of smarminess and you end up with Cunliffe.

Anonymous said...

I have met him a few times and he always comes across as arrogant and full of himself.

Key and Cunliffe, cut of the same cloth.