Tuesday, April 08, 2014

CPI change since 2008

Statistics NZ has a great new tool for depicting CPI change across sectors, by quarters.

You can take the bottom rule and slide back to Q4 2008 to see how much change has occurred. Overall prices were 10.8 percent higher in Dec 2013 than Dec 2008.

The biggest increase is in Alcohol and Tobacco, up by a whopping 27.1% and I bet most of that is tobacco.

My line of work - Recreation and Culture - down by 3.3%. I'm not surprised. I'm charging less for commissions than I was and still doing it tough.

Other big rises were in Education (25.3%), Health (20.5%) Transport (17.6%) and Housing and Household Utilities (14.8%). Interesting that two areas dominated by government show largest increases.

Other decreases were in Communication (-17.6%), Household contents and services (-2.2%), and Clothing and Footwear (-0.8%).

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