Friday, March 14, 2014

Stating the blindingly obvious

From NCPA today:

Why does the minimum wage fail to alleviate net poverty? Sabia points to two reasons: adverse employment hours and effects, and because few minimum wage beneficiaries actually live in poor households....

...wage increases only redistribute income between poor and near-poor households.


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Anonymous said...

pro-work negative income tax to replace wealth transfer programs

But negative income tax, no matter how "pro-work" is still welfare, it's still a "wealth transfer program".

What works? simple: eliminate the minimum wage; standardise on right to work, zero-hour, individual contracts; eliminate the other barriers to work in regulation and the crimes act; eliminate the other welfare program like WFF & accommodation "supplement"; eliminate the big ticket welfare item - health, education & super (codger-dole); and most important: eliminate the direct welfare programs - dole, DPB, etc.

This should be National's long-term policy goal, while ACT should campaign on this being implmented by the end of the year.