Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Communists lament - McCarten will "forestall revolutionary change"

The World Socialist Web Site is so far left that Matt McCarten is right:
McCarten has “a lifetime of service” in defending capitalism by establishing political safety valves to divert unrest in the working class.


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Anonymous said...

The biggest communists in NZ are the ones in the beehive.

No surprise the "International Socialist Worker" has it all wrong: it's not that McCarten is a capitalist, it is that Key and his National government are communists.

That's what Kathryn Ryan said no National Radio of all places. Most of the rest of the beatup between National & Labour, Key & Cunliffe & McCarten is really just tribalism, not politics.

And this is why the biggest hits against Key's National government: raising the super age, sweetheart deals with Warners and an obsolete union-ridden smelter, even the need to remove poverty traps, are all critiques from the right of National, not from the left.