Friday, February 14, 2014

Graph of the Day

The accompanying  NZ Initiative commentary:

Adding wood to the gender pay debate, this chart shows women in 2010 were a net fiscal drain on the economy while for men it was neutral. It also implies that, cumulatively, men and women received more from the government than they put in.  Source: VUW


Anonymous said...

So the current welfare state is completely unsustainable. What else don't we know.

National is lying when it says we "can't touch super".

Labour is lying when it says we only need to increase the age limits a bit.

And everyone except, perhaps ACT?, is lying when they say we can keep on having benefits, super, health & education.

Anonymous said...

women in 2010 were a net fiscal drain on the economy


Anonymous said...

Reading theworking paper it would seem that the difference is driven by two things:
1. women earn less because they have a lower labour force participation rate probably due to raising children; and
2. women receive more taxpayer support because they are more likely to have dependent children.

So essentially what this graph tells us is, if you attribute all the costs of having children to women, then they cost more.

My basic problem with this is attribution. When I last checked it took two to create a child -- male and female.

So why should the fact that women take responsibility for young children be seen as them being a "net fiscal drain" and the fact that men do not take responsibility for the consequences of their actions be lauded as fiscally responsible?


Lindsay Mitchell said...


A good chunk of men are married fathers. In fact, married fathers are more likely to be paying higher taxes.

Under the current economic set-up it is entirely understandable that overall, women contribute less in financial terms given 1/motherhood, 2/caregiving outside of motherhood, and 3/greater longevity. I don't have a problem with that.

What I do have a problem with the gender equality advocates demanding equal pay, equal board representation, etc when clearly women are different beasts to men.

Anonymous said...

The whole idea of "equality" is leftism. Pure and simple.

People are not equal. The few on the narrow way are better than the masses on the broad way that leads to damnation.

Even to talk about "equality" or "opportunity" or "fairness" yields the entire ground of the debate to the left.