Monday, December 09, 2013

An unrepresented constituency?

A NZ Herald editorial begins,

There will always be a constituency for the Act Party's founding principles of individual freedom, personal responsibility, small government and lower taxes.
It does my heart good to see those principles re-stated. Unfortunately the writer goes on to enumerate the many problems that have faced the party over the years and concludes a come-back is unlikely.

So the constiuency that "will always be", which I believe is bigger than ACT's best result would indicate, will essentially go unrepresented in parliament?

I hope not.


Anonymous said...

And yet ACT is/was always labelled 'Right wing". I can't see anything left or right with those principles.


Anonymous said...

There aren't any Right Wing parties in NZ.

ACT is far to the left of Obama, Clinton, even Al Gore.