Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Graph of the day

The graph below shows how many of the 1993 birth cohort who spent time on a benefit (41,000) became known to CYF and later to youth justice by age 17.

For context the total birth cohort for 1993 was 76,000.

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Brendan said...


Over half supported I'm guessing at some point in their lives by the benefit system by the age of 17 years.

I know I keep going back to the functional two parent family as being the only viable, sustainable solution to the problem of rampant welfare, child abuse and youth offending.

However, if someone has a better answer, please let me know.

If it really is the answer, then why are we not advocating it at all levels of society from Churches to Schools from Government to Kindergarten?

We don't promote functional two parent families because we have completely embraced PC moral relativism that says all lifestyle choices are equally valid.

Oh yes, so they are. They all produce the same outcomes for children and young people as well.