Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hundreds line up for jobs - Labour's dream

Labour's main objection to the welfare reforms revolves around a lack of jobs. The government should be creating jobs they say (though stop short of describing how).

"Kiwis are lining up in their hundreds for a small number of jobs," Jacinda Ardern tells us to illustrate how willing beneficiaries are the victims of an economy not producing enough work for them.

So here's an interesting report that unusually points out that many of the hundreds lining up for jobs at a new Fonterra milk plant were already employed elsewhere.

Labour will like the headline:

Hundreds apply for 90 Fonterra jobs

But perhaps not the content:

"...unemployment did not appear to be the driving force for the huge response, with many of the 400 people who had turned out between 10am and noon on Saturday already in jobs, often skilled work."

Here's a thought on which to base a sound job creation policy. The tax taken to pay Ardern's salary could easily be better used to create two or three productive jobs in the private sector.

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Allan said...

Another example of the latest of Labour's MP's who have never had a real job opening their trap and spouting garbage before the true facts emerge. Jacinda is a hopeless case, she has never won a contested election, she has never worked in any field outside of her beloved "Socialist scene" and now she portends to have the life skills and experiences to enforce her views on those who actually work for a living. Perhaps 5 or 6 years outside of the hallowed halls of Parliament might show her what life is all about. Until then her views are worthless and inane and should be treated with the contempt that they deserve.