Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Other welfare changes from July 15

I've recently blogged about the forthcoming Jobseeker Support Benefit which from July 15, will support the largest number of beneficiaries.

Some more changes according to cabinet papers - (these may not have survived the legislative passage);

The unemployment benefit was subject to an annual re-application process. So will the Jobseeker Support Benefit, meaning many more beneficiaries than previously will have to reapply every year. This process has seen thousands of unemployment beneficiaries disappearing each year. Between September 2010 and May 2012 almost 16,000 unemployment beneficiaries didn't have their benefit renewed "because of the reapplication process".

Until now (since 2007) pre-benefit activities eg attending a Work For You seminar or job  interview, have been required from people applying for an unemployment benefit. These will now extend to all Jobseeker and Emergency benefit applicants, and partners of applicants for either. The application lapses if the applicant fails to comply (there will be some exemptions if the applicants situation is worsening eg applicant's "health condition worsens".) If the partner isn't cooperative, the compliant primary applicant can continue and if successful receive "half of the couple rate" of the benefit eligible for.

More private contracting-out to work brokers is going to happen. The Minister anticipates that this will "give rise to public concerns." However she believes in "the expertise of third party providers". I have seen impressive data that support this view.

In the past, someone failing to accept an offer of employment earned a 'first sanction'. The Minister has proposed that these people have their benefit cancelled with a 13 week stand down period. (Go you good thing)

To be continued...Going to watch The Vote


Anonymous said...

how tough of this government, how very cruel.
hope that one day JK has to go cap in hand to the taxpayer to ear...yeah right.
Capitalist porkers at the top.

NZ does not have enough jobs, Lindsay, for all.

Anonymous said...

The Minister has proposed that these people have their benefit cancelled with a 13 week stand down period. (Go you good thing)

And every single nett tax paying Kiwi has demanded a permanent standown for every bludger in the country --- including schools, hospitals, "supperannuiants" and the rest.

if a 13 weeks stand-down for a few identified "non-compliant" bludgers is good, a permanent end to welfare is far, far, better!